The Obamas Did It

I recently finished “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. As always I was enthralled by her wisdom and self-realization. Knowing where she came from and what shaped her life helped me understand myself. What and who you surround yourself with makes a difference in one’s life. Michelle Robinson had values and responsibilities instilled in her at a young age. Her parents shaped her by living lives to help and encourage others. She was already a self-made woman upon meeting Barak Obama. She knew that in order to live a fulfilling life, she needed to be the person she wanted and needed to be. The person she added to her life was an extension of herself, not a completion.

I admire the tone that was set on her and Barak’s early relationship. They, separate from each other, knew what they wanted in life and went after it. It wasn’t until the two met each other and realized love that they started their journey together. The fact that they were able to sustain a long distance relationship motivated me to believe in them. Back in the late 1900s, it was a struggle to communicate with a love that was far away. They made up their minds in spite of their distance and circumstances to stay committed to one another. She was a budding lawyer and he finishing up a degree in law, were committed to themselves and their passions at the time. I commend them for the dedication it took to stay committed.

My relationship is different but still the same. We face challenges like and unlike the Obamas. We are figuring out our careers and learning to stay committed in a world where distance can be a challenge but more easily overcome. During the Obamas long distance relationship they stayed in contact by syncing schedules and being near their land lines at the same time. There was a time where my partner and I had more of a relationship with our screens than each other. What kept us together was knowing the wait was worthwhile. Like the Obamas, we have to have faith in each other and understood the goal we are working towards.  Knowing that such a powerful couple can endure and grow in such a challenging atmosphere motivates me to  do the same.

Michelle wrote about visiting Barak and taking into account his living and car situation. Even though she saw he had less, she knew he was worth more. The potential you see in the person you are with, gives you a vision for your future. She understood what made him the man he was back then and wanted that in her life. I am asked continuously about the purpose of my relationship. What is understood between two people doesn’t have to be explained to anyone else.


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