I remember watching episodes of Martin and Modern Family.  Martin and Gina would have a dispute, talk with their friends, rationalize between the two of them, and at the end of the show, get over the problem and makeup. Martin is so hilarious with his reverse psychology. He wants to portray the relationship in his favor on his radio show and expect Gina to go along with it. After confronting him, she decides to leave the relationship. Martin does not get his way and employs reverse psychology to get her to apologize. When that doesn’t work, he begs her to forgive him with the condition of him telling his friends he won the argument. He desperately tries to make Gina give in while he desperately wants her to stay.

Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family always get into some weird predicament and have to use their family and resources to make up. This episode, Cameron wants to have a chicken to remind Mitchell of his country roots. Mitchell doesn’t like the idea but soon copes with it and decides to embrace the poultry running around. Cameron regrets his decision due to his new found love of city life. The show continues with the chicken being “lost” only to find out Cameron gives it away. They are able to forgive each other and realize the others point of view.

In a long distance relationship, fights happen. Lessons are learned and makeup is within reach after you reconnect. With Martin and Gina, they were able to read each other face to face and see the intent in both of their reasoning. The message relayed helped, but also the nonverbal clues they were able to see made the other person understand a lot better.

Mitchell and Cameron are so funny to me. They know each other so well and no argument is without resolution. Cameron is from a country town and doesn’t want Mitchell or Lily (their adopted daughter) to forget it. He buys a chicken to reclaim his roots and realizes soon, why he prefers city life. Without informing Mitchell, Cameron goes with the ploy until he gets rid of the chicken. Mitchell, on the other hand, loves it and wants to keep the unorthodox pet. They reconnect after Cameron spills the beans and confesses his wrongdoing.

In both of these examples, they are able to read each other from experience and resolve the situation. The communication they share involves personal contact and feelings only the two of them have experienced alone. When I encounter a dispute between my boyfriend and me, we have to be cautious. We are only allowed, most of the time, FaceTime and telephone conversations to relay our message. We have to take our time with words and reactions because they don’t convey well over the phone. When a resolution is made, it might take hours or days to make up for the disagreement we had. We are now working on ways to get over residual feelings and except the fact that delays will be put on the make up process.

What are your thoughts any suggestions?


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