Spending Time

A death in the family is always hard. The toll it takes on you is harder when you live far away from this person and are unable to give a proper goodbye. Of course, phone calls are ancient ways of staying in contact, especially landlines. We try to grow with the times and adapt to new technology but some older relatives can be clueless. I remember my grandfather asking me to set up his new touchscreen smartphone. He stared at the phone when a call came through not knowing how to answer it. I asked if he needed an email set up, his response after explaining to him what it was, “For what?” Whenever I visit my grandparents, I feel I miss so much. Their walk is slower and more calculated, their memory takes a few more seconds to download, and they have more and more people doing things for them. I can’t see this over the phone. I can not see how much they need help. Of course, they won’t offer that information because they either don’t realize it or want to keep worry to a minimum.  Staying in contact with them is a must. Even if my grandmother rushes me off the phone to continue watching Family Feud, I want to just hear her voice. I want to hug her every day and tell her how much I appreciate the sacrifices and the strength she developed throughout her life. My negative feelings are suppressed by knowing I have ways of seeing her face. I used to text her but stopped after she would not reply, saying she couldn’t see those little buttons on her consumer cellular phone.

Before I miss more or before I get that phone call, I have to make more trips, more memories, and more, facetime calls so I wont forget their voice or the way they called my name. Time with them is so precious because soon memories are all I will have.


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