Alot of my anxiety comes from delays. This past trip has been amazing. My crew, whom I’ve worked with before is amazing. Everytime the door opens I heard a joke from my sweet Co-Pilot and everytime the door closes I get an earful of humor from my aft flight attendant. We all hung together on and off the plane, magnifying the laughs and memories. This trip I learned I’m spending wayyy too much on getting my nails done and need to invest in good eyelashes in order to draw the attention away from my tired eyes (early morning and late nights)

This four-day trip helped take my mind off the distance between me and the things most important that I missed so much. Surviving off the high of seeing family this holiday season and leaving my boyfriend after only two days with him, I was able to have a great start to my trip. Every passenger was greeted with the best of me, so much I was given the nickname sunshine. Here comes the fourth of my four-day trip and you guessed it, we are delayed. The energy and excitement I had post and during the trip is running out and I’m ready to be home. It’s just like this industry to give you a high high and bring you back down to earth. 

I really want to buy a slice of Artichoke pizza but I know I have the southern delicacy of boiled peanuts waiting for me at home and the promise of a bubble bath to soothe my heel wearing feet. (Trying to be cute.) If you’re ever at LGA airport I recommend you give Artichoke a try. My current situation includes hiding from pax (passengers) until we have some sort of estimate on a departure time. I’m dodging questions about where the nearest bathroom or best restaurant is. I’m still holding on to the faint image of home.  

Its great to have something to look forward to, at least I have that. 

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