Eating Turkey Alone

I now understand why people don’t upload pictures and post about the person they are with until a seriously committed relationship is formed. Placing aside the basics who are trying to stir trouble or see if your relationship is strong, there is family. Throughout the year I post pictures of happy times and memories made with the hopes that family and friends would like and have positive comments on the progression of my life. I’ve been away from home for about 9 years now, every holiday I have anxious feelings that as soon as I walk into a family members house, the stage is set and I’m front and center. Questions about my love, life, and work are all brought up. This is normal I understand but what matters to most is your destination and not the journey itself.  Questions like “Where is so and so?” and “When are you getting married?” have taken place of questions like“How are you two getting along?” and “What steps are you taking to build a healthy long lasting relationship?”

Social media is the worst to visit during this time of year also. Pictures of happy couples, new engagements, and pregnancy announcements flood timelines and put dread in others minds. Yes the ones who haven’t reached those plateaus tell ourselves and our family that we are fine and our time is coming but the realization of what hasn’t come to past is unnerving. We let what family say and the highlight reel of others social media dictate our happiness. Instead of letting insecurities about these things take over, I have decided to make my own happiness and revel in the security I have around me. My family is prying and suggestive about the nature of my relationship and that is okay. As long as I know a healthy relationship comes first, all will follow. I’m not letting my holidays darken under the cloud of questions and assumptions people throw.

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