Is It Worth It

I had a conversation with one coworker about her boyfriend who she suspected of not being faithful. We are both flight attendants and the issue we all have is the constantly probing concern that our significant other is playing while the cat is away. This is not true for all, but most. The missed phone calls, the stammering on the phone, or the new friend who is always “busy” when we are home. Even the best of relationships have problems and being away four days of the week magnifies those. It is said, if you can’t trust your partner, that person does not deserve the title.

So my coworker had an idea. Our schedules are ever-changing thanks to weather delays, maintenance issues, and late aircrafts. Attempting to catch her significant other in the act, my coworker blamed her late arrival home on a delayed flight and made it home before her boyfriend did. Waiting in the basement she was able to watch him and listen to his phone calls. This was an extreme attempt at catching a cheater, but was it a necessary one? Should we move in faith and just listen to our intuition or dig for clues? I think trying to catch someone is a waste of time. Unless that person gives you a reason to suspect something, you shouldn’t. To me, if you are in a relationship and employed in a career that requires you to travel it should be considered long distance. Having to video chat saying goodnight four times out of the week, placing a tablet on the other side of the table imitating dinner together, or planning out days months in advance all equate to long distance love.

I currently reside about an eight-hour drive from my boyfriend. Neither of us wants to make that drive so I depend on my flight benefits to see him. The company he is currently employed with does not offer the same schedule I am afforded so I feel it is up to me to make the relationship work. He is able to continue his normal 9-5 life making connections and having healthy friendships while I barely maintain friendships and have little to no hope of creating new ones. Of course, I have the fleeting curiosity of his faithfulness. Having and getting away with cheating is definitely possible for both of us but I rely on a sincere connection in order to get involved with someone and he doesn’t. He once said, “Guys see ice cream and say, OOH ice cream and indulge but women have a more emotional approach.” I totally agree.

These types of relationships, of course, aren’t for everyone but if you do decide to get involved be sure it’s something you have the nerve to do and be sure it’s with the right person.

Let me know what you think.

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